April 01, 2017

The Wait Is Over . . .

There has been much anticipation concerning my new novel: Brains Not Included. Well, ladies and gentleman, it has finally arrived!

This novel is a spin off of The Shade of Devotion. So many people were asking for a sequel, that I felt compelled to give my readers another glimpse into the lives of the characters from The Shade of Devotion.

 Thus, in my novel, Brains Not Included, you can revisit the characters that you fell in love with: Nisay, with his easy going charm and mysteriously brooding demeanor; Yasmin, with her explorative views on love,  and even Kaleb, with his innocent charm and sagacious words. However, the characters are now much older and some would argue wiser.

However, there has been a new edition to this dramatic clan: Zipporah Chandra Jo, who happens to be the protagonist of this fiery love story. We follow her through the dramatic opening in chapter one, to the wilds of a tribal village on the coast of Africa and home again to her disapproving and somewhat dysfunctional family.

Through sadness, tragedy, love, and laughter-- this novel will keep you on your toes and loving every minute. If you enjoyed The Shade of Devotion, you will also love Brains Not Included! Be sure to purchase your copy from Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads, Nook, and local bookstores such as Barns and Noble and Books A Million. Also, don't forget to leave a review. Your opinions and thoughts matter!

Book Blurb
Zipporah is a religious, independent and driven woman that prides herself in going it alone. Yet, she desires a perfect marriage like her mother, and she can't seem to find a man that accepts her career driven lifestyle and religious devotion. After a severe breakup, she decides to go on a mission’s trip with her sister to a poor, tribal village in Africa where she meets Utu, the King’s most, powerful warrior and son. Sexy and confident, Utu seduces Zipporah into a relationship that she can’t walk away from no matter how much she tries.

Together, they embark on a romance that leaves both questioning their roles in a relationship and the secrets embedded in their hearts. Zipporah and Utu have to sacrifice who they are to become the people they need to be to make their whirlwind romance work. Zipporah learns that her life is more like the biblical story than she thought. She must learn to fight her fears to win a husband, a family, and a new life.

Dawnell Jacobs is the author of The Shade of Devotion, Brains Not Included, Black Magic, and The Monsters of Within: Heart of Darkness. She has also published a self-help book Your Story Matters: Leaning How To Be The Author of Your Destiny. You can find all of her books on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and Barnes And Noble. She is also a motivational speaker to young audiences. She uses her personal journey to inspire hope and change. All pictures and entries in this blog are subject to copyright laws. ©Dawnell Jacobs 2018. 

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