The Inspiration Behind Heal the Heart Publishing
 Dawnell Jacobs
and Owner- Operator

Dawnell Jacobs grew up in a small suburban town of Columbus, Georgia. She attended Columbus State University and pursued a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Composition with a concentration in Professional Writing, and eventually a Masters of Arts in Teaching Secondary English Education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Secondary English and Literature.

For five years, she has taught English Language Arts at various high schools and middle schools successfully until she was persuaded by family and friends to pursue her original dream of being a writer. She then became the owner and operator of Heal The Heart Publishing Company, a company dedicated to bringing inspirational works of literature to the masses, and penned her very first novel series The Monsters Within Book One: The Heart of Darkness. She has also written The Shade of Devotion, and a children’s book called God Is Bigger Than. She has many upcoming novels instore for the near future, including a romance called Brains Not Included.

A little known fact, is that Dawnell Jacobs has always had a passion for writing as early as elementary school. In high school, she was recognized with a Governors Honors Award in Language Arts and eventually penned her very first published short story, Happy Birthday in 1996 , which was published in a magazine entitled Hear Our Voices.

Today, she is the proud adoptive parent of a single daughter, her three younger brothers and the owner of three dogs and a cat. She is also currently working on the sequel to The Monsters Within as well as penning other novels, plays, and children books. Look forward to reading more from her in the future.