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Heal the Heart Publishing Company, LLC is founded by Dawnell Jacobs, a local educator with higher aspirations and dreams. Dawnell Jacobs was homeless at 17  and a high school dropout due to family troubles, who vowed to gain custody of her brothers who were separated in the foster care system. Her adventure begins here as she struggled desperately to find a place for herself, become self sufficient and earn enough money to restore her family. She eventually graduated high school despite getting offers to pursue other lascivious careers and pursued college. She always had aspirations for college, but due to her status as a high school dropout, she thought it was out of her reach. However, the workforce taught her that a high school diploma was worth very little with no employable skills. So, she applied, got in and graduated college in 3 years. 

Once she finished she reproached the social services department equipped with a job, an apartment and enough income to care for herself and three boys. At the age of 24, roughly 7 years later, she received them all. Yet, Dawnell Jacobs's story is a story of perseverance in the face of adversity, when success looks minimal and against all the odds. However, her story doesn't end there. Now, at 33, she has embarked on a new adventure to become a New York Times bestselling author. She founded her own publishing company called Heal The Heart Publishing Company, LLC which allows people like her to share their stories, stories meant to inspire.  All she asks of you is to join her on the journey. Become a part of her success story by purchasing a novel, sharing your knowledge of her journey with family and friends or joining her company as an author. 

At Heal The Heart Publishing Company, LLC we turn negatives into positives. We help those who have encountered personal tragedies, from homelessness, to domestic violence, to rape, to helplessness, into stories that inspire young men and women all over the world.

Heal the Heart Publishing Company, LLC  is dedicated to fostering new and upcoming authors. Our company helps authors to achieve their writing and publishing goals. It does its very best to help them create and present their very best work. We bring stories that inspire, motivate, and heal  to audiences worldwide. Be a part of the journey.

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